Friday, March 6, 2009

Honor Choir: Episode...Four? I think?

I have completely lost track of what day it is. I believe it's Friday. OOOooo...sorry, this is somewhat random.....We have the WHOLE late afternoon/all evening OFF (LIKE NO SINGING UNTIL LATE HOURS OF THE NIGHT) and there is an ART MUSEUM in town... yay! Sorry I have uploaded like 0 pictures. It's because I've like taken 0 pictures. We got ice cream at Brahm's last night because our conductor, Dr. Bowers, let us out of rehearsal an hour 8, instead of 9. It's crazy. Today is the "easy" day. Tomorrow is the last day, which automatically makes it hectic. We'll be at the convention center all day and we have to wear our performance "bottoms" as they have been called; "bottoms" being my black skirt and shoes. I wonder what we are having for breakfast...yesterday it was english muffins with a slice of ham, an egg patty-like-thing (????) and the sandwich was all held together with melted over-processed-tasting cheese. I ate the ham, didn't eat the egg, scraped off the cheese and put strawberry jelly on the english muffin. Hopefully it'll be better today:)

I just wanted to tell you how utterly sad I am about having to miss rehearsal tomorrow, and that I miss all of you daughters and policemen and pirates. You guys are like my extended family! I suppose I will see you all next Saturday, but that seems so terribly far away.

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"Nenette" said...

Ah ah ah! You will see us on MONDAY! Five till seven.
Hope you are having fun! I'm so jealous you get to go to an art museum. We are up in St. Louis alot, but we never go because the rest of my family is not very interested in art. I guess I'll get a chance once we move up there!