Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pride and Prejudice love triangles, Clarissa Edition

Clarissa got a little carried away drawing love triangles. I decided to ask her to explain them to me. Try to keep it all straight as she skips around to different people. Can you imagine how confusing the book would be if all this was true?:)

"Mary likes Collins, but Charlotte is married to Collins, so Charlotte and Mary are fighting over Collins. Mary also like Colonel Forster, and Mrs. Forster and Mary are fighting over him. Charlotte and Elizabeth both 'admire' Colonel Forster, so they are fighting over him. Actually, Collins can't decide between Charlotte and Elizabeth. He loves them both. Okay, Elizabeth and Ms. King are fighting over Colonel Forster. He's just the man to be fighting over; it's because he looks so good in his red coat. Alright, now, Darcy and Wickham both love Elizabeth. Ms. King and Georgiana both love Wickham. Wickham can't decide between Lydia and Georgiana. Um, Ms. de Bourge and Elizabeth are fighting over Mr. Darcy. Ms. de Bourge also loves Fitzwilliam. Miss Bingley loves Darcy and Bingley. Georgiana and Jane are fighting over Bingley. Lydia and Georgiana are fighting over Bingley. Now let's go back to Miss Bingley for a second so we can get the random guy at the dance in. Okay, Miss Bingley is in love with Captain Carter and the random guy at the dance. The Random Guy at the dance and Bingley are, like, secretly in loooove with Hill in their hearts because she's just so good at her job. Oh, Bingley and Jane are fighting over Hill because they both want her as their personal servant or something. Collins is secretly in love with Miss de Bourge as well as Elizabeth. Jane and Hill love Bingley's servant. Even though Jane is married to Bingley. She loves his servant too, also. (grammar? must be a homeschooler:) Okay, then, um, Bingley's servant and Hill love Mr. Bennet. Mrs. Bennet and Bingley's servant both love Mr. Bennet. We don't know if Bingley's servant is a man or a woman. Captain Carter and Denny both love Kitty. Denny and the Random Guy at the dance both love Hill. Ok, um.......Wickham and Denny also both love Kitty. All the redcoats love Kitty, Lydia just doesn't know it. (annoying laughter) Um, Denny - no, wait, Lydia can't decide between Wickham and Denny. Oh, Mrs. Bennet loves Denny and Wickham. Elizabeth loves the Random Guy and the dance and Bingley. I'll marry Mr. Darcy!!"

There you have it:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Round One: various summer pictures:)

Fun at the Follies! We sang Simple Boy and Modern Major General,
both of which brought back a lot of fond memories
We went to a Cardinal game. It was oodles of fun, but I think we lost.
I don't remember for sure. Isn't that awful?
I just love this picture. I don't remember who that is.....oops.

I hope to post more pictures soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 1: completed!

We are starting our second week of school today, but I thought I'd give you a little summary of our first week. I'll just list my favorite subjects.

Bible - I'm reading these thick books discussing the old law and every possible subject that relates in any to the old law. Somewhat tedious, quite interesting. I read outside on the porch railing so I can block out the sibling noise.

Chem - Difficult, but I really enjoy it. I'm studying atomic structures; it's fascinating!

Gov't - A lot of numbers (years, dollars, percentages...etc.) which makes it hard to read, which in turn makes it hard to comprehend.

Literature - LOVING it; In the middle of The Scarlet Letter.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Art of Clothes -
Pemberley Couture -

This girl has done some pretty cool stuff with a sewing machine. If you are remotly interested in sewing/costumes, check it out.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bit by Bit

I'm going to have to catch you up on my summer later when I have time to sit and post pictures. For now, I'm going to catch you up on the present.

Today we started school. I'm a junior this year and can't wait to go to college ... "it seems so long!" I'm doing some pretty interesting things, along with some not so interesting things, and I'm reading a bunch of good books this year, a bunch of classics that I haven't read before. I'm going to be in homeschool band, which greatly excites me! A few years ago I was thinking seriously about being in band at the high school, but I wouldn't be able to compete because I wasn't a full time student. I've dropped ballet and jazz, but I'm still doing tap because I love it so much:) Rebecca has moved into my class, so our Tuesdays are a little less vexing. I'm still taking flute and piano, and let me rant a little....I'm to the point in my piano playing that I love it so much I wish I could play much, much harder music....the only problem is, I can make my fingers do it sometimes, but my brain is too slow, and so my fingers move too slow and I get frustrated with myself. I'm going to stick it through, however, regretting every minute that I quit lessons when I was young. Auditions for Scrooge are next month, and I can't decide what to sing.

Watch for summer pictures and stories in the near future....or distant future, whenever I get around to it....

Oh, something I forgot!

My youth group and I recently (last weekend) went to a youth rally in Neosho, MO. We had a jolly old time singing, praising God, listening to great speakers and playing many games of Nertz, ERS and Spoons. We had been on the road back to Rolla for about an hour when suddenly it sounded like we hit something. The whole bus shook (even more than usual) and Mr. Bramlett pulled slowly over to the shoulder. A tire popped, and we were a little ways from a exit. We drove slowly on the side of the road until we took the exit and found a truck stop. Mr. Bramlett started the tire removal process and we all walked across the street to a McDonalds. We sat there for about 45 minutes until the tire was fixed, and we continued our journey home. Fifteen minutes down the road, the bus breaks down. Being a girl and not being interested in vehicle mechanics very much, I'm not exactly sure what the problem was, but it happens a lot to the poor bus and Mr. Bramlett quickly fixed it.

By this time, Mr. Bramlett is a huge hero to us.

But wait!! Fifteen minutes down the road, the bus breaks down again and Mr. Bramlett can't get it to start. About the same time we stopped, an accident happened about a third of a mile down the road. Traffic immediately started to pile up, so even if by some miracle the old church bus did start up again, we wouldn't be able to go anywhere because of the long line of traffic building up a few feet away from our stopped bus. It starts to rain. So we sit, we play Catchphrase, we watch the ambulances weave their way past us and to the accident site, we play mafia, Mr. Bramlett calls a tow, we sweat in the now really humid bus, we got outside in the drizzly rain to cool off and watch the sluggish line of traffic drive by a few feet in front of us. Nearly an hour later, the traffic is moving by at a normal speed and the tow guy comes. He tows us inside the bus for about a mile to the nearest gas station. We sat inside an (air conditioned!) Christian coffee house that was neighbors with the gas station, and we waited until my grandpa and Mrs. McKinney arrived in their minivans to tote us back to Rolla. Thirty minutes later, I'm sitting in my grandpa's minivan listening to the rain-delayed Cardinals game, playing many, many rounds of Mafia, and sighing in relief as we finally reached Rolla. We left Neosho at 11:30, and it's a 2 hour trip. We arrived at the church building at 5:30.......I was sooooo glad to be home:)