Sunday, June 20, 2010


The Light Family has four chickens.

In keeping with tradition, we have named our chickens as follows:


1. Frankie
(short for Franklin, as in Benjamin)

2. Eleanor
(as in Roosevelt)

3. Amelia
(as in Earhart)

4. the one that is yet-to-be-named
(because we're letting Clarissa name it, and she isn't home from Colorado yet...)

There you go!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Confession of the Day

Today's confession:

You know how you aren't supposed to iron clothes while you're wearing them? Well, I have. Multiple times.

That's all.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

You are the words and the music
You are the song that I sing
You are the melody
You are the harmony
Praise to Your name I will bring
You are the Lord of lords
You are the mighty God
You are the King of all kings
So now I give back to You
The song that you gave to me
You are the song that I sing

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Name change!

Change is good, most of the time, right? So I decided that, since "Why, Hello There" was a very uninspired name that I chose only because I couldn't think of something better, I would change the name of my blog to "It is Well," after one of my favorite songs. I'm eventually planning on changing the entire layout of the blog, the background, etc. Just not now...too much change at a time can be a little frightening.

Just a note, I'm going to be gone/busy for the next several weeks, but when I'm not gone/busy anymore, expect lots of pictures:) Love and miss you guys!!

Another note: It occured to me that, basically, the only people that read my blog are Fine Linen people. I miss my Fine Linen people. So yes, if you are reading this, know that it is very likely that I really do love and miss you! :)