Sunday, July 11, 2010

a day in the life of a stressed out actress, who, despite the chaos, loves what she does

Today was such an interesting day, I thought that I'd share my schedule with ya'll.

- 5:45... my alarm goes off. See, I wanted PLENTY of time for me to curl my hair...I decided to stay in bed until 6.
- 7:30... I actually get out of bed, get dressed, and curl my hair.
- 9:08...cold slice of pepperoni pizza for breakfast.
- 12:20...lunch at Wendy's. I had no self control and got a strawberry frosty shake. It was yummy.
- 1 ish...we get to the theatre...costumes, makeup, warm-ups, etc....
- 2:00...curtain!
- 3:45ish...rain starts. We track the weather on cast member's internet-enabled phones.
Storms are a-comin'.
The sirens go off.
The show stops.
The actors are sent to their dressing rooms.
The audience members are ushered to the basement.
It's all okay for a while. I took the bag of bubble gum that I use for the radio scene to the orphan's dressing room to distribute gum. Because kids like gum. And I got Clarissa a banana. Because she was hungry. I was still in costume, squeezing through the audience, crowded in the basement. A little kid waved at me.
Then...the electricity goes out.
The storm passes over..
..but it's still dark. So people leave, but there's still no electricity.
- 5:00ish...we head over to the Jepsen's house for the CAST PARTAY.
- 6:00...we leave and go to VBS...

It was a fun day.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


1. I really need to fold my laundry.

2. My sisters are watching "Pride and Prejudice" with Keira Knightly, then are planning on watching "Pride and Prejudice"...the one that's super, super old and the costumes aren't period. Hmm.

3. I think I'll go swim laps later. Wait...laundry...

4. We have "Annie" rehearsal on the Fourth of July. The 4th is my favorite holiday! And we have rehearsal. We might get done early....but still. I think I'll take the ancient laptop to the theater and watch "1776" during breaks....

5. "Annie" opens exactly one week from today. Gulp.

6. I have gone swimming once in, like, the past three weeks. I think something is wrong with me....?

7. I have applied to be an Equity that's kind of cool.

8. I like making lists.

9. Matthew burned his hand a few days ago. Mom took him to the ER, where they gave him a cute little blue bandage that looks like a cast. He got lots of sympathy, which, of course, he loved.


I really like the skirt of this wedding dress. Clarissa and I like to amuse ourselves with looking at pictures of wedding dresses...It's like watching "Say Yes to the Dress" minus the drama..."I like this dress!" "But, honey, darling, it's $5,000 over your budget!" "But when I put it on, I can just FEEL that it's the one! I can FEEL it!" (starts crying) "Alright, honey, if you can FEEL that it's THE ONE...." Then they buy the dress, despite the fact that it's not in their budget. What a great show!! :/ lol

11. I feel the need to go on an adventure. Anybody have any grand ideas?