Saturday, December 27, 2008

Texas Trip

My youth group and I are leaving for Texas in about an hour. We are going to be doing relief work for Hurricane Ike. Prayers for our safety would be appreciated:-).
Love you all! Pictures to follow!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


"Philosophy is common sense with big words."
-James Madison

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Missing the Prince and the Pauper

Meredith, my little sister, has always enjoyed going to the theater to watch her big sisters in a play. Then, for weeks afterward, she sings the songs and quotes the lines. This goes on for a few weeks, then she'll forget it and prepare herself for the next show.

Not so with the Prince and the Pauper.

Meredith LOVED that show. She only saw it once, but between that and coming to a couple rehearsals and hearing us sing it around the house and listen to the CD, I believe she knew the music better than we did...just kidding!
All that said, Meredith still talks about the Prince and the Pauper. She still occasionally sings the Prince and the Pauper. And, on the way to Music Man this year, she got mad and yelled, "I just want to see the Prince and the Pauper!!" And yesterday, while I was pouring myself a glass of milk, Meredith asked to hold the jug. Swinging the jug into the air, she gleefully yelled, "Let's Toast!" (I know, I wonderful thing for a three-year-old to be saying) Of course Rebecca wanted to get in on the act, and so while I ran for the camera Rebecca got out the Nesquik container (which is somewhat shaped like a jug/mug/thing). Enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Presents....

....hmm. About them...I really need to get my knitting needles clicking.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today is a prime example of how busy my life usually is.
Our schedule:
9:00 - leave for parade lineup
9:20-parade linup
9:30-sit and wait in the cold until parade starts
10:10-we start moving!
Parade - We were with Elgin Surveying, the business my dad owns. The Mace kids rode with us; their dad is the other owner, and they go to our church....(not really relevant.) We throw candy at people and smile.
10:40-done with parade. Speed through town in a probably illegal speed while on the back of a float clinging to hay bales. What fun.
11:00-Wal-mart run! I needed paint...
12:09-Dropped girls at courthouse for choir-singing-thing. I was feeling icky and went home.
12:30-Get ready for cast party. I think we have, like, 60+ people coming.
4:30-Mrs. Holmes is coming early to help mom:-)
5:00-everyone is supposed to arrive
????-there is no official ending time for the cast party. We're probably going to be up kind of late.

Well, I'll have to post pictures of all of today's happenings. Too busy now!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I really don't know what to talk about. So I'm going to ramble....hmm.
Recently I've been wondering about what to major in when I go to college. I can hardly wait to go to that weird? I don't know. I thought that I would double major in theater and music, but now I'm also considering, I don't know, art maybe? Maybe even... are you ready??...I think it would be cool to be a florist. I used to want to major in business and art and then work at a florist shop and then open my own florist shop. I also think it would be cool to go to culinary school and publish a book....
Isn't it wonderful that God has a perfect plan for our lives? I am just so very anxious to see what His will is!! I need to pray for patience:). I just can't wait to see what He has planned for me; I'm sure it's wonderful.