Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Pirates of Penzance Wedding

On the way home from church, my sisters and I had a brilliant idea.

A Pirates of Penzance themed wedding.

I know.

It's pure genius.

So we then planned my wedding.

All females in the wedding party will be dressed as the Stanley sisters.

The groomsman will be dressed as pirates.

The ushers will be dressed as policemen.

The bride (me) and groom will be dressed as Mabel and Frederic.

I want the song "Dirait-on" played as a processional. "Dirait-on" is a choir piece that I sang at Harding Honor Choir two years ago. It's an absolutely beautiful song.....when done correctly. Don't bother to look it up on youtube. I've spent hours looking for good recordings, but in every single video I watched, there were one or more of the following problems.
1. Incorrect French pronunciation....this really bugs me.
2. They sang it super, super's supposed to be slow, but not THAT slow.
3. The choir was really, they just didn't sound good.
4. The recording was really low quality and you couldn't even hear that well.

It was a disappointment. If you are set on hearing this song (which I recommend, if you like French songs sung by choirs, like I do), maybe you'd have some luck on iTunes.

So anyway. I kind of want the song "Don't Stop Believing" played at my reception, but I'm not sure how people would react to a secular song:) At least Dirait-on is in French and sounds like a wedding song.

So there's my Pirates wedding.

I'm not getting married any time soon....I promise.
And this is just for fun. I don't actually expect my wedding to be like this, although I DO want "Dirait-on"....and "Don't Stop Believing":)

Friday, September 25, 2009

I want a kitten.
Or some baby bunnies.
Or a little beagle puppy.
Or some little ducklings.

I really don't care. I just want a baby something that I can cuddle with.

Probably a kitten. I'd really like a kitten. A little orange one.

My cats ran away/died when we moved to out new house.

Maybe I'll get a kitten for Christmas:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pioneer Woman photography

I've been reading the Pioneer Woman's blog/website/whatever you want to call it for a little while now, and I love when she posts about photography. The Photography section of her site is actually a collaboration of a couple very gifted photographers. It makes me want a camera so I can take awesome photos, too!:)

I love this one of her daughter. I wish that I was as photogenic as her children. Either that, or I wish my mother knew how to use photoshop.

This one was taken by one of the other contributors. It's my favorite.

This one is very photoshopped. I still love it.
I love these two. A lot.

It makes me think, "I could do that, too, if I had an expensive camera, all the right equipment, hardcore photoshop knowledge, a couple of horse models, a couple photogenic children, and extra time."
I doubt any of that will happen in the near future.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Unexpected Song

I have never felt like this
For once I'm lost for words
Your smile has really thrown me
This is not like me at all
I never thought I'd know
The kind of love you've shown me
Now, no matter where I am
No matter what I do
I see your face appearing
Like an unexpected song
An unexpected song
That only we are hearing
I don't know what's going on
Can't work it out at all
Whatever made you choose me?
I just can't believe my eyes
You look at me as though
You couldn't bear to loose me
Now, no matter where I am
No matter what I do
I see your face appearing
Like an unexpected song
An unexpected song
That only we are hearing
I have never felt like this
For once I'm lost for words
Your smile has really thrown me
This is not like me at all
I never thought I'd know
The kind of love you've shown me
Now, no matter where I am
No matter what I do
I see your face appearing
Like an unexpected song
An unexpected song
That only we are hearing
Like an unexpected song
An unexpected song
That only we are hearing

I'm singing this song for Scrooge auditions tomorrow...the first verse, anyway. I hope it'll sound good:)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New blog!!

I have started a new blog!

I'm going to use it to blog about knitting, sewing, drawing and such.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Wisdom Teeth Chronicles: Pizza and Steak

I'm not numb anymore! This is a comfort, because when Dr. Esquibel said yesterday morning, "You're going to be numb for 10-14 hours," I didn't actually realize that he actually meant that until I had been numb about 9 hours and was sick of dribbling whatever I was trying to eat/drink down my chin because I couldn't feel it. Example: the ice pack that wraps around my head has ice cream stains on the place that goes under my chin. How embarrassing:) lol

I have to wear the ice pack this morning, but I can take it off this afternoon and only need to wear it if I start to swell, which might actually be pretty comical. I haven't really had much swelling...

I just realized how boring this is. Who cares if I'm swelling, except that it looks funny.

I promise, if I start to swell and I look really ridiculous, I'll take a picture and (if it isn't tooooooo embarrassing) I'll post it.

I can eat whatever I want to today! Dr. told me yesterday that if I felt like I could eat pizza and steak, I could eat pizza and steak. I really wish he wouldn't have put it that way, because yesterday, as I ate my yogurt and drank the apple juice that was my lunch, I was absolutely yearning for pizza. I don't think I'll be eating pizza today, unless we pick up some pizza baby food.

You all must dislike me immensely. I ramble on about ice packs and pizza and I wasn't considerate enough to post any pictures:)

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Wisdom Teeth Chronicles: Numb and Goofy

I feel as if I lived on the sea all my life and now I'm trying to get land legs. My jaw, tongue, lips, roof of my mouth, and chin are all completely numb. If there is one thing Dr. Esquibel wanted me to understand, it was.......ICE. IT'S YOUR BEST FRIEND! He told me that a million times, because ice stops the swelling which in turn stops the pain and speeds up recovery!!! Thanks all for you prayers!!

The worst part was the anticipation.

I am completely terrified of NEEDLES.

I did awesome when they put in the IV. I squeezed Mom's hand and kept saying to myself "I am with you always, even unto the end of the age," which of course is what Jesus told his disciples when he was leaving them. After the needle was in me, Dr. gave me some painkillers. Then, after prepping me for it, he put the stuff that knocks you out in the IV. Almost immediately I started giggling quietly. I remember saying, "Oh my goodness, this is weird, oh my goodness..." Then the next thing I remember is waking up and the really nice nurse lady telling me she was going to take the oxygen things out of my nose. Then she helped me to the car.

I took the picture of me at the top of the post a couple of minutes ago. Imagine my mouth open in a big cheesy smile:) I feel like I could give you a big cheesy smile, but I can't open my mouth very wide.
I just now tried to take an open mouth smiling picture, but it was really creepy. And gross. And you would probably laugh at me because I look ridiculous:)

The Wisdom Teeth Chronicals: Under the Knife

Sooo...I'm going to the oral surgeon in less than an hour. I can hardly contain my excitment and joy.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I forgot to post about Katie yesterday!

Not a very flattering picture of either of us. Ignore that.
This is Katie and me in Texas! Katie one of my best friends and my officially unofficial "guardian" when my mother/father are not present. She is starting her 2nd year of college.

Harding University, where Katie goes, my mom went, and I intend to go to college, is located in Searcy, Arkansas, but they have study abroad oppurtunities and this semester Katie is going to Zambia! She's going to be there for three whole months and I'm not really sure what I'm going to do without her. Yesterday was significant because yesterday...she left. Flew to Africa. It's crazy:)

I say "crazy" because there are black mambas in Africa.

The Wisdom Teeth Chronicles

I am having my four wisdom teeth removed Friday morning. This includes:

1. An IV...
2. ...and other needles
3. Eating ice cream.
4. Being in pain.

I am not particularly looking forward to this adventure, but at this point (it's two days away) I just want to get it over with. My recovery schedule is as follows:

1. return home, sleep
2. sleep
3. wake up, take ibuprofen
4. eat ice cream/yogurt
5. check facebook, texts, email, update blog, etc.
6. repeat steps 2-5 until I'm feeling well enough to take a shower and begin normal life again (I'm aiming for Tuesday morning)

Sounds like oodles of fun, eh?