Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yay, more!!

See any resemblance?
More Connect Four!! Notice the t-shirt under the game to try to muffle the noise a bit:-)

Happy people!
Anna Nisbett and my sis, Rebecca

More pictures!

Me and Mr. Goff
The Nisbett girls and me..."that's my motto!"
Me and Elise Hamacher...notice Jeni's eyes and nose between our heads;-)
Me and Ernie, the mail carrier who we never actually see delivering any actual mail.
Me (well, the top half of my head) and Bert, the policeman

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"My mouth's bleeding, Burt! My mouth's bleeding!"

No, that line isn't in the stage show:). I just wanted to say that I definetly recommend coming to see It's a Wonderful Life at OAT this coming weekend, and not just because I'm in it! It's a fun, fast-paced show with a powerful message. I always feel uplifted after the performances.

In our "flapper" dresses...we "love to dance!"

Uncle Billy, Aunt Tilly (mom), Mary Bailey, and George Bailey

I set my camera on timer and ran around the chair to get in this picture. I failed; you can only see a part of my face. Connect Four has become one of the "popular games" that we play while not on stage.

More "flappers!" We have such fun rushing to change from winter clothes in the first scene to colorful dresses and makeup. Those earrings are a particular annoyance for me, however. They are the kind that screws on and I'm not very good at putting them on...I do like how they look, though:-).

Friday, November 7, 2008

Late Night Observations

It is 10:00. Why am I awake? And why am I writing on my blog? These are the questions I ask myself.
I have a batch of cookies in the oven. We have an all-day rehearsal scheduled tomorrow and I thought that the cast would enjoy a snack. I was going to make a double batch but we only had two eggs and to double it I needed four. I also am running 3 loads of laundry because we haven't done any laundry since Monday and I need clean clothes!!! We got off of our laundry schedule and that messed it all up, and someone will probably complain tomorrow about how they have a pair of jeans they'd like washed and why didn't I tell them I was doing laundry. On the contrary, I have a comeback; I did tell them I was running a few loads of laundry...
Noises are greatly magnified at night. I set a metal spoon on the counter and I feel as though the clink shook the entire house. What's funny is that the sound isn't really louder; it's all in my mind. I have the radio on for some entertainment, and even though the volume is down to more that half of what it is normally, I still feel that the noise is keeping everyone awake.
I just got the first batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, and of course I had to eat one. It's impossible to resist a warm chocolate chip cookie:-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Never dull...

My life is crazy. Right now, I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy.

First, the show. Rehearsals for Wonderful Life are coming along well. I believe we are supposed to be off book today, and we are going in today to have costume fittings done. I already have tried on the dress for the dance number, and it is amazing. Sarah Hickle made it and it is lime green and 1920's flapper style. The show is going to be great, and I hope some of you can come!

Second, we are moving soon. It's stressful. 'Nough said, I think.

Third, our choir director is going insane. He gave us all this new music and expects us to have it memorized for a concert next week. Plus one of the new songs is partially in Greek, and I don't even know what that's about:-). Don't misunderstand, I love Sanquist to death. Maybe he thinks RCCC (our choir) is a tad more amazing than we actually are.

Our homeschool group is doing a Christmas play and we have missed all of the rehearsals so far because of IAWL rehearsals. I am playing Miss Ewe, the boss sheep that gets to be in charge of everyone, and I am only in the first scene. So hopefully I'll find a few minutes to memorize my lines.

Ooooo, kind of irrelevant but...I got a new phone! My old one died and i was due for an upgrade a week later so I was phone-less for a week and now I have a shiny red Samsung slider! It's pretty nifty, and it has a camera (which is a step up from my old phone),but no one has called me yet. I would put my number on here, but, ummm, I'd rather not, so facebook me or email me or send a messenger pigeon or something if you want or need my number.

Mom is sick. She has hives all over her. She spent last afternoon and evening in the ER getting shots and she feels a lot better now but she still has hives pretty bad and her eyelids are all swollen and pink. Prayers for her recovery would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I might as well post this because it isn't very likely that anyone will see it.
Okay, here goes...
I love Beethoven. And I just printed out Sonata #14 (Moonlight) for free from!!! Actually, it's still printing because between the 3 movements there are 25 pages and our printer is slow. Yay! My goal is to be able to play it completely through (amazingly well) by the end of next year...this shows you how badly I actually play piano and how ambitious I am. Updates on progress of the Moonlight to follow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

So it looked like fun...

I have decided to start a blog. So here it is. Probably no one will read it except my mother, but that's okay. I'll have fun doing it.

Right now my family is involved in OAT's production of It's a Wonderful Life, which is somewhat ironic because while being involved in theater I have no life. My whole life is rehearsals, and then it's opening night, and then it's over for good. Why in the world anyone would do this for a living is beyond me....and why in the world I would like to do this for a living is beyond me. I do enjoy meeting so many people, though. That's most of the reason it's so sad when a show is over; you don't get to spend hours and hours with your friends as you do during rehearsals and performances. I need to quit writing; Mom is literally telling it's time to go. We have rehearsals. (What else?)