Thursday, November 6, 2008

Never dull...

My life is crazy. Right now, I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy.

First, the show. Rehearsals for Wonderful Life are coming along well. I believe we are supposed to be off book today, and we are going in today to have costume fittings done. I already have tried on the dress for the dance number, and it is amazing. Sarah Hickle made it and it is lime green and 1920's flapper style. The show is going to be great, and I hope some of you can come!

Second, we are moving soon. It's stressful. 'Nough said, I think.

Third, our choir director is going insane. He gave us all this new music and expects us to have it memorized for a concert next week. Plus one of the new songs is partially in Greek, and I don't even know what that's about:-). Don't misunderstand, I love Sanquist to death. Maybe he thinks RCCC (our choir) is a tad more amazing than we actually are.

Our homeschool group is doing a Christmas play and we have missed all of the rehearsals so far because of IAWL rehearsals. I am playing Miss Ewe, the boss sheep that gets to be in charge of everyone, and I am only in the first scene. So hopefully I'll find a few minutes to memorize my lines.

Ooooo, kind of irrelevant but...I got a new phone! My old one died and i was due for an upgrade a week later so I was phone-less for a week and now I have a shiny red Samsung slider! It's pretty nifty, and it has a camera (which is a step up from my old phone),but no one has called me yet. I would put my number on here, but, ummm, I'd rather not, so facebook me or email me or send a messenger pigeon or something if you want or need my number.

Mom is sick. She has hives all over her. She spent last afternoon and evening in the ER getting shots and she feels a lot better now but she still has hives pretty bad and her eyelids are all swollen and pink. Prayers for her recovery would be greatly appreciated.


"Nenette" said...

I wish that I could steal some of your busy-ness from you! Life around here HAS been dull. School, cleaning, just hanging around, etc. Oh, and constantly babysitting some of my siblings as others go off with Mom to their various activities. lol. I hope your mom gets better quickly! By the way, I am loving your blog!

children of the farm said...

GET WELL MRS. LIGHT!!!!!! love your blog jenna...
~megan riefer