Saturday, November 1, 2008

So it looked like fun...

I have decided to start a blog. So here it is. Probably no one will read it except my mother, but that's okay. I'll have fun doing it.

Right now my family is involved in OAT's production of It's a Wonderful Life, which is somewhat ironic because while being involved in theater I have no life. My whole life is rehearsals, and then it's opening night, and then it's over for good. Why in the world anyone would do this for a living is beyond me....and why in the world I would like to do this for a living is beyond me. I do enjoy meeting so many people, though. That's most of the reason it's so sad when a show is over; you don't get to spend hours and hours with your friends as you do during rehearsals and performances. I need to quit writing; Mom is literally telling it's time to go. We have rehearsals. (What else?)

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children of the farm said...

JENNA!!!! I just found your blog. It's so cool!I will definately check it often and leave comments.MISS YA SO MUCH! Tell everyone I say hi.
take a look at my blog: just click on my name at the very top of this comment and it'll basicly take you there. Bye 4 now!