Saturday, December 6, 2008


Today is a prime example of how busy my life usually is.
Our schedule:
9:00 - leave for parade lineup
9:20-parade linup
9:30-sit and wait in the cold until parade starts
10:10-we start moving!
Parade - We were with Elgin Surveying, the business my dad owns. The Mace kids rode with us; their dad is the other owner, and they go to our church....(not really relevant.) We throw candy at people and smile.
10:40-done with parade. Speed through town in a probably illegal speed while on the back of a float clinging to hay bales. What fun.
11:00-Wal-mart run! I needed paint...
12:09-Dropped girls at courthouse for choir-singing-thing. I was feeling icky and went home.
12:30-Get ready for cast party. I think we have, like, 60+ people coming.
4:30-Mrs. Holmes is coming early to help mom:-)
5:00-everyone is supposed to arrive
????-there is no official ending time for the cast party. We're probably going to be up kind of late.

Well, I'll have to post pictures of all of today's happenings. Too busy now!

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