Sunday, July 11, 2010

a day in the life of a stressed out actress, who, despite the chaos, loves what she does

Today was such an interesting day, I thought that I'd share my schedule with ya'll.

- 5:45... my alarm goes off. See, I wanted PLENTY of time for me to curl my hair...I decided to stay in bed until 6.
- 7:30... I actually get out of bed, get dressed, and curl my hair.
- 9:08...cold slice of pepperoni pizza for breakfast.
- 12:20...lunch at Wendy's. I had no self control and got a strawberry frosty shake. It was yummy.
- 1 ish...we get to the theatre...costumes, makeup, warm-ups, etc....
- 2:00...curtain!
- 3:45ish...rain starts. We track the weather on cast member's internet-enabled phones.
Storms are a-comin'.
The sirens go off.
The show stops.
The actors are sent to their dressing rooms.
The audience members are ushered to the basement.
It's all okay for a while. I took the bag of bubble gum that I use for the radio scene to the orphan's dressing room to distribute gum. Because kids like gum. And I got Clarissa a banana. Because she was hungry. I was still in costume, squeezing through the audience, crowded in the basement. A little kid waved at me.
Then...the electricity goes out.
The storm passes over..
..but it's still dark. So people leave, but there's still no electricity.
- 5:00ish...we head over to the Jepsen's house for the CAST PARTAY.
- 6:00...we leave and go to VBS...

It was a fun day.

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Jenny said...

Sounds like a fun day. =)