Saturday, March 7, 2009

Episode...something: The End of the Crazinesss

It's over. I am so, so tired. Oh. my. Goodness.

Reasons that I am sad that ACDA National Honor Choir is over:
1. I made some great friends that I will miss very much
2. Oklahoma City actually has places to shop!!
3. Most people were okay with me walking up and saying, "Hey, I don't know you. I'm going to sit here for lunch. Hi, I'm Jenna and I'm a second soprano!"
4. I loved Mr. I's New Jersey accent!
5. The walk along the river/canal/thing at night in Bricktown was absolutely, completely and utterly breathtaking. There was a cafe (called the Bourbon Street Cafe, if you care) on the opposite side of the canal where we were walking. It was about 7:30 and almost completely dark. The neon sign that read "Bourbon Street Cafe" made gorgeous red reflections in the water. I tried to get a picture but it didn't turn out on my camera. I did get some on my phone which I will post when we get home.
5. The Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum was beautiful. I cried as we walked through the museum.

Reasons that I am glad that ACDA National Honor Choir is over:
1. Most sopranos are divas.
2. A lot of the boys were "dudes"
3. The divas and dudes paired up even though they live on opposite sides of the country
4. The food at the Marriot was not pleasant.
5. If I am told ONE MORE TIME to add more "word stress," I might pull my hair out.
6. I can sleep until seven and don't have to worry about being up so we can catch the bus to the Cox center.

Things that I learned at honor choir:
1. they are prenounced "re-MEM-ber" and "BEAU-ty"
2. 9th grade basses text when they aren't supposed to
3. Sopranos in general are dumb. It took us honestly six tries to fix a mistake we were making because a bunch of them didn't know what the conductor was talking about.
4. Apparently no one else in America homeschools, because everyone was like, "What's it like? Does your mom, like, teach you? How do you have friends? Are you like super super smart?"
5. I thought that everyone in Missouri knew what Rolla was, but there were some girls that lived in Joplin and didn't know about Rolla. Whatev...:)

Ooo, and to clear something up, I actually didn't get to go to the art museum....our dinner took too long that night. So we walked along the romantic canal thing that I mentioned above instead.

The whole trip I looked for a lighter to contribute to the BUB. Nothing turned up...well I saw a smoking guy and he was holding one, but that's the only one that I saw. I think the staff of the hotels we were in and around all week are too good at cleaning.

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