Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homeschool Talent Show!!

The homeschool talent show was Saturday night. I sat in the balcony snapping pictures on my cell phone and waving madly to the people that I knew. I made Becca smile during "Hard-Knock Life" and Benjamin gave me a funny look before "Footloose." I felt like a spy or something!!!

Jenny in her dress

Desi in her dress
(the camera in my phone is slow, hence the back view of the last two fashion show pictures. I also apologize for the very very very poor quality; again, I was using my cell phone and I had it zoomed in as far as it would go!)

Laura in her dress and very cool hat
Pink dress...I don't remember who this was and I don't have a program...

Elizabeth Hall

Her adorable little bow!Align Center

Hamacher and Co.
Camp David skit

Benjamin, tapping to "Footloose"---this was the first time I had ever experienced tap dancing on carpet. It was exhilarating.
"Exhilarating" meaning it was entertaining because you couldn't hear any of his sounds (well, once, he hit the metal cover on the stage that is visible in the picture above)
Cook's Cooking: Laura's able-bodied assistants
I liked them best, I think.


Her costume was really entertaining to me.
YAY! Our Annie Orphans!!! You guys are awesome!

Hard-knock Life

Never Fully Dressed

The Lovely Boleyn Sisters!

Tomorrow, I think....

The Halls!

Unicycle fun! I like this picture.

Benjamin and Boromir, Jennifer and Callie

Benjamin and Boromir doing....something.
Jenny and Callie doing....something.

As the talent show ended and we prepared to leave, it started snowing! Several of us ran outside to frolic, but I quickly when back inside to help Mommy with the orphan's costumes and to warm up. Driving home, it felt like we were just floating on the highway during the straight stretches. It was weird, but thankfully we made it home safely, singing "Sleigh Ride" and "Winter Wonderland" the whole way:)

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