Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cows and Washing Machines: a scene for two actors

Cows and Washing Machines: a scene for two actors

Setting: This morning, 9:45 am, the Light's house

Mom: The Lewis' have a cow out.

Jenna: What?

Mom: One of Tonya and Floyd's cows got out and it's in their front yard.

Jenna: ok...

Mom: I called them and told them it was the blonde-ish looking one. They said it gets out a lot.

Jenna: We should go play with it!

Mom: When I drove by a second ago it was eating grass right in fron of their porch. They said it wouldn't wander off.

Jenna (voice gets louder as the excitment grows): I want a pet cow. I wonder if Uncle Richard and Aunt Kristie would sell me a calf...

Mom: You could just go play with the Lewis' cows.

Jenna (being somewhat really loud now): I guess we could just run over there and play with it and be all like, "HI, COW!!!!"

Mom (whispering): Jenna....the washing machine repair man is here...

Washing Machine repair man: *clinks tools around casually to confirm Mom's statement*


...true story, unfortunatly.

It wouldn't be so bad except the washing machine guy's brother is an elder at our church...yay.