Friday, March 27, 2009

Catching up!

Enjoy the great mish-mash of pictures!

Playing ERS (what else?) with choir friends - ACDA honor choir, '09

As we played ERS, and I was winning, I informed my new friends of an ERS master that I knew back home in Missouri. I told them of this great player, named Elise Hamacher, and I assured them that if she would have been there I wouldn't of had a CHANCE of winning:) Love you, Elise!
On Friday night, we went to out to eat in Bricktown. I've already posted some pictures of this, but these are from Mom's camera (as opposed to the poor quality camera on my phone)
This picture (above) is one of my favorites!
The water taxi!
Water taxi!!

Pretty bridge

Pretty water!

See the ducks?
The sun was starting to sink...

I wish that I had a higher quality camera. This area of town was BEAUTIFUL at night!

Okay, so these next pictures are chronologically out of order....they were taken before the pictures above, at the Oklahoma City memorial.

Each big chair is for an adult that died; the small chairs are for the children.

View from the street.

One of the gates. One gate says "9:01," the other says "9:03." The reflecting pool in between the gates represents the moment in time when the explosion occurred.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read about the bombing here:
I knew nothing of the bombing until we went to the museum;
I was just over one years old when it happened.

Skip to Sunday afternoon, on our way home. We stopped in Joplin to go to church with some friends. After church, we went to lunch and then to the Zoo!! Actually, it was Petland.
I never realized how amazingly cute english bulldog puppies are.

And now skip to more recently. If you read my mother's blog and my sister's blog, you've already seen this. Sorry for the repeat:) He did this a few days ago.

This picture was taken by yours truly! He was sweeping...hence the canary yellow stick thing he is holding on to.

I'll try harder to post more pictures in the future. I know how boring blogs (*ahem* mine) can be if the blogger just talks ON and ON about irrelevant things that you don't really care about:) lol.

Anyway, thanks for reading....even if I do tend to ramble on at times:)

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