Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tomorrow's Easter!

LTC is over. My puppet team got a gold. The puppet team I directed got a gold. Yay:)
I'm just glad that it's over! No more rehearsal after church, no more stress...until next year.

We haven't even started performances for Pirates yet (soon, though!!) and I am already sad, knowing that eventually it will be over and I won't get to see all my new beloved sisters as often as I have been. I love all of those girls....they all have such beautiful personalities, and I've greatly enjoyed getting to know them all better. Love you, dingbats!

Easter is tomorrow. I believe that I'll be assisting the "easter bunny" and hide eggs for Meredith and Matthew. We're going to Grandma Gillett's for dinner (lunch, actually...but it's always called dinner on Sundays and holidays). We dyed eggs a few days ago (again, for Meredith and Matthew mostly:D) and I dyed a totally awesome one that was a dark teal blue color.... absolutly fantastic! I'll have to take a picture of it before it's squished and/or someone eats it.

Clarissa and I just finished watching Mansfield Park. I haven't read the book, but Clarissa has and she liked it a lot. I like Jane Austen, but sometimes, in her writing, it's a bit confusing to figure out what she's trying to say. Back to the movie: it was good, but there was some poor acting and some costumes didn't look exactly Regency period. The carriage scenes made me laugh. They were filmed by someone holding the camera while sitting directly across from the actors; so the actors were shaking back and forth and back and forth again, and some dialog was lost underneath the noise of the horses. They didn't have a camera meant for that sort of scene, and it nearly made me seasick.

I'm very tired. Goodnight.

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