Tuesday, April 21, 2009

News and such


Matthew started telling knock knock jokes today. His favorite one to tell is "knock knock! who's there? cow! cow who? Moooo!!" The kid's a comic genius.

Clarissa got a dog. She's been begging for one for quite some time, and now that spring is somewhat here, she finally got her puppy. It's a female border collie mix, and her name is Leia...no, I didn't suggest this. Clarissa came up with it on her own. Leia is really shy, but someone told Dad that border collies generally are shy, but she's kind of loosening up. Bingley is good for her, I think. He's such a spazz. It's funny, because even though Leia is a couple weeks younger than Bingley, she's a good deal bigger than him. I'll have to post pictures of them both, if Bingley will only hold still.

I have my first ever real job interview today. I'm applying to work at the Centre/Parks and Rec this summer, keeping score for volleyball games, maybe working concessions at the ballpark, and various other odd jobs. Yay....I think:) The interview shouldn't be too hard, though, because I know the lady I'm interviewing...she goes to our church.

We're taking pictures for dance today at class. I have to wear a sparkly blue dress for ballet (the dance we're doing is "lyrical", though). This may totally surprise you, but I'm not really "into" wearing sparkly blue dresses....I might have to post pictures later....or maybe I'll save myself the humiliation;)

News flash! I know, like, every single person on blogs/facebook has said this already, but....I miss my Pirates.

I need to post pictures. I'm just too busy....or too lazy. And I'm not sure where my camera is, but I also want to take a picture with every cast member of Pirates. I did (or tried) during It's a Wonderful Life.

I also need to finish reading The Count of Monte Cristo. The library sent me an overdue notice, but as I've said before, I like getting mail so I never return books unless the library sends me a letter...lol. It's such a long book, and I'm only about halfway through, and I haven't read it in such a long time that I'll have to go back and refresh my memory concerning where I am in the story.

anyway...that's kind of what's going on.

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