Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happiness is....organized sheet music!

Every time I clean my room, I find various pieces of music scattered with no hint of order throughout my stuff. So I'll stick it in a folder, label it "sheet music" and toss it back where I found it. Soon, as you can probably guess, I no longer found pieces of scattered sheet music but scattered folders of sheet music. Alas..
*cue dramatic background music*
I now have compiled all of the little folders of music, I also...ready for this?....organized them all by what type of music they are.
I know. My jaw dropped, too.
First, we have the green folder that contains Christmas music. Before this process, I did not realize that our family owned about 7 identical copies of "Carol of the Bells" if anyone wants to sing it sometime...
Next, the purple folder, full of choir music, various beginning piano pieces from a million years ago, and a couple solo vocal things.

Next, we have - my favorite - the black folder. In here is music from past shows, useful for cast parties and possibly audition pieces. It also contains the libretto for Pirates.
It's the biggest one.
Finally, the white folder, which I use for music that I'm currently working on. It's pretty empty now, because I took out all my Pirates music and the libretto and moved them to the black folder...kind of sad:(

Ah, organization. It's a beautiful thing.

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