Friday, April 24, 2009

I finally uploaded pictures from the REAL camera!

So.... Rebecca and Bingley...hopefully this is a better picture than the ones I posted before. Bingley is quite the character. He's very friendly and energetic and spaztic...he fits right in the family!

And here's Leia...this was the very first day we had her, and she was VERY VERY shy. Bingley's outgoing personality has been good for her, though. She's very sweet and likes to stay in the garage where it's cool and quiet. She likes to take bones from Bingley because she's almost twice as big as him. In her free time she likes long walks on the beach and volunteering at soup kitchens...

Oh, my dear Papas! On opening night I was given roses from both my real Papa and Papa Stanley. I love my papas:)
So...more to come later. I want to get a picture with every member of the cast tonight. I'll have to post some of my favorites.

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