Thursday, April 30, 2009

Confession of the Day

Confession time, confession time, confession tiiiiiiime! *jazz hands* yeah! goes.

I am deathly afraid of giving blood. Never mind that I've never actually tried giving blood...I'm very afraid of it. Needles, passing!

I know, I know..."save up to three lives!!" Can't I just donate money, and save three lives that way?

To make matters worse:
1) My blood type is O. That means that the blood drive people will stalk me and send me postcards and leave recorded messages on my answering machine asking for blood. Imagine how creepy that is..."Hello, Jenna....give us your lovely type O blood, please..."

2) In a few years, my best friend will be, like, a phlobotomist! Look it up, I didn't know what it was either...Anyway. She'll be certified to draw blood!! Actually, she's going to be a nurse, but she'll be able to take blood, too. She has said in the past that as soon as she's certified she's "coming to get me," which is kind of weird and scary. I should move to Slovenia.

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