Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mentally chaotic week....

This week is just one of those weeks where it's hard to focus on something (ahem...schoolwork and such) because you have so much other stuff that needs to get done...examples:

-I have to turn in my art for LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) this Wed, and....well, I've started on it. I know what I'm going to do, but I just need to finish it.

-LTC is this weekend. Easter is this weekend.....and oh, yeah, Pirates dress rehearsal....you guessed it.....this weekend......arrrrrg!!!! (that was a growl of frustertion, not a pirate scowl)

-So, we are driving to Kansas City on Friday morning. All Friday evening is events and stuff. Saturday morning early we have puppets. Then Mom, Clarissa and I drive as fast as is safely and legally possible back to Rolla for dress rehearsal.....Clarissa will be putting my hot rollers in while we're driving back...how thrilling!

What fun. Oh, and I need to finish knitting my shawl before LTC so that I can wear it with my dress...and I need to go buy a frame for my art...oooo I'm getting contacts today!!! yeah.


Abby said...

Wow. That is really busy! I know what you mean about concentraiting on school though.=) Guilty. Can't wait for dress rehearsal!!!!!!!!!


Mom2Five said...

I'm really glad that you added "legally possible" because you KNOW that I'm not a lawbreaker! I wouldn't want your readers to get the wrong impression about me! :-)