Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Annoyance that which most of the Stanley daughters are too familiar with:)

Ahh, yes....rollers.Clarissa has been my faithfull hairdresser through it all. She owed me anyway; I did her hot rollers for Music Man.

The pain begins....if only they weren't so hot.

We had the radio on and were listening to the ballgame. This is my reaction to the Cubs winning....

Don't you just love my new lip piercing?

Almost done....

And here's the result! Pretty neat, huh? It's amazing what a little blush can;)
*Last picture courtesy of being stolen from Nathan Hickle's facebook...but Mark took the picture, so I think he gets the photo credit.

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children of the farm said...

How cute;) You gals are crazy. haha, yes, all of the Stanley girls have gone through that wonderful experience a time or two;)