Friday, September 24, 2010


...things that I am waiting for, both patiently and impatiently:

1. Christmas music, and the smell of apple cider on the stove.

2. The day I learn to play this glorious instrument.

3. College.

4. Our dishwasher to be fixed.

The caption makes me smile: "Most husbands help with dishes"

I dearly hope they do. I sure could use a husband with all of the dishes that I have to wash tonight.

5. This.

6. And this. Well, not the cowboy. Just the mountains.

And maybe the cows.

7. Snow.

I love it when it's snowy and the sky turns purple like in the picture above.

8. 2010. I believe in you, boys!! It's possible...anything's possible...
I think. It might be too late.
They just went through an incredibly long dry patch where they didn't hit ANYTHING.
At all.
They're getting better. Albert hit two homers last night.

9. For this man to show up at my house and sing to me.

I'm serious.

10. Our fall camping trip. I miss these girls.

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