Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Question: What's black and white and in full supply at the Lighthouse?

Answer: Puppies.

Two of Sally's pups
A few days ago, Clarissa's border collie had an unexpected litter of seven puppies.
And last night, Sally had her litter...three pups.
Altogether, there are five males and five females. They all have similar coloring, but the border collie's pups are quite a bit bigger than Sally's.
So, does anyone will anyone want a puppy in a few months? Both mothers are very sweet-tempered, and I guess the dad is nice, too. He's very...bouncy.
More pictures to come.
If I decide not to be a lazy bum.
Random and terrible fact: Between now and when Babes in Toyland is over, the Light family only has two nights that are not busy...tonight being one of them. Yikes.

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