Friday, November 5, 2010

two entertaining stories

Well, I think they're entertaining. You may be bored to tears...

Story number one:
The other day, I was walking out to get the mail. Meredith was walking with me, talking in a really fake Southern accent. The grass was unusually prickly and hurt my feet. It was just weird.

Fine. That's not really a story. Whatever.

Story number two:
I promise. This really is a story.

The Pioneer Woman was having a giveaway on her blog. Four winners and their guests are going to be flown out to her ranch in Oklahoma for a weekend of baking and fun. The winners were announced this morning, and, to my delight, one of the winners is "Jenna, #16182." I, of course, didn't pay attention to my entry number, so I spent about 15 minutes going through 163 (approximately) pages of entries to see if #16182 was me, or some other Jenna.

It was another Jenna.

Lucky duck,

I was a little disappointed.

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