Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a small list of unimportant and irrelevant things that I feel compelled to tell you

1. I am playing a moth in Babes in Toyland at OAT. I am also playing a toy soldier. I get to wear pants on stage for the first time ever. Wait...I wore pants in Joseph. Eh....that doesn't count....

2. The puppies are growing up so quickly!! You know you need one.....

3. I like digging around in my mom's old jewelry and confiscating stuff that she never wears. Like this ring I'm wearing. She got it at a thrift shop and a stone was missing, so she had a white sapphire put in. It's totally worthless, except for the one sapphire, and even that is so small it's not worth much. I like it.

4. My best friend's sister is getting married this weekend!!! I'm asking the Babes director, Ed, for the night off..because I really want to go, because I really love weddings!! :)

5. I need to go make dinner.

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