Monday, November 22, 2010

my sister: human or extraterrestrial?

When my darling blond sister, Meredith was learning to write letters, she would often write us "notes" composed of 10-15 random letters. I assumed this is normal 3-4 year old behavior, but then....

...things got a little weird...

Meredith started writing the same strange word, over and over...


She wrote this word in coloring books, in the notes she gave us, on her Bible class papers...everywhere.

When asked where she, a four year old that was just learning letters outside her own name, learned the word "homeclartl", she would just smile and say that she didn't know.

I then assumed that Meredith was not human, but an extraterrestrial that had some strange message to pass on to us. "Homeclartl" was just the first stages of this communication.

Then it became a joke. Meredith would write the word on purpose, to get a laugh. Clarissa and Rebecca joined her, and I would find little pieces of paper with HOMECLARTL scrawled on them placed strategically in my room.

We are now certain that Meredith is actually a little human girl. I think the majority of my family has forgotten about the HOMECLARTL affair.

What brought this HOMECLARTL topic up?

I found a piece of paper with "homeclartl" scribbled on it buried in my sock drawer today.

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