Wednesday, November 17, 2010

giving in..

I was tagged in one of those "30 rAnDoM fAcTs!!!!" notes on facebook.

I'm posting it here, because
1) less people will see it here than they would on facebook.

I'm only going to do 15.

Because I'm a boring person.

How annoying.

1. My mother is one of my best friends.
2. I don't really like babysitting other people's kids.
3. I used to have a petsitting business and made quite a bit of money taking care of this dog named Zerina. I used the money to buy a purple CD player. I was probably 8 or 9.

4. I love to take walks. I hope that when I get married, my husband and I will go on walks together.

5. I don't like chocolate ice cream...and I'm not a picky person. I just don't like it.

6. When I was little, I wanted to be a violinist or an ice skater.

7. I'm very critical of pretty much everything. Including myself.
8. I hate talking on the phone.

9. I like the name James.

10. The first time I heard the song Love Potion No. 9, it freaked me out.
11. I really don't like video games.

12. I listen to very little popular music. I've never heard a Justin Bieber song. I know who the little fellow is, of course...I've just never heard his music.
13. I'm trying to learn to sew..I just don't like following patterns.
14. I am embarrassed when people I know come to see "Babes in Toyland."
15. I can do the splits.

The last one is a joke.

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