Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Googling hair

I've been having loads of fun googling such topics as "1920's bob with bangs," "chin length bob with bangs," "bob with bangs," "1920's makeup," and "Clara Bow." Here is what I've come up with. Hair is probably too short for what the costumers (ahem, Laura) want for Mayzie, but I love this picture anyway. Again, too short for Mayzie, but I adore it :)

Little bit longer....

Here we go. I think this is what the costumers want...Laura said to look for the pictures with the scarf in her hair, and I'm assuming this is what she meant.

This is cute...

If it was up to me, my hair would be cut like this - especially the bangs, I love the bangs - but Laura might say that it was too short :) After the show, I'm going to have it trimmed into a pixie. It's going to be fabulous for summer...my hair won't take three hours to dry after swimming!

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