Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Newfangled Gadgets

I had a nice phone. It was cute. It was red. And it wasn't "old." It was actually somewhat new. See? That's pretty cute. I really liked that phone.

That cell phone died at the hands of a mean old water balloon at Bible camp last summer. Since then, I've been using my mother's old phone.

No, not her most recently retired phone. That one died in the swimming pool last year.

This was phone was her second cell phone. Ever. It's old. We're talking dinosaur.

Recently, my grandpa lost his cell phone, bought a new one, and then found his lost phone. He really liked the old phone better than the new one, so he gave the new one to me.
My new to describe it honestly, and still convince you that I'm thankful for it?

My new phone: It's like my iPod.

I'll explain: My iPod is one of the earliest iPod Nanos. It can hold one little wee GB.

It's not the "latest thing": it can't hold all the song I want it to, play video, connect to the Internet, cook bacon, or any of the other things that newer model iPods/iPhones may or may not be capable of doing...

But it's not the Walkman I had when I was five. I wore that thing out listening to Focus on the Family's Radio Theater The Chronicles of Narnia. Seriously. My Walkman has lived a good life, and exposed me at a fairly young age to C.S. Lewis. I loved that thing.

My new phone is like that. It's not an iPhone, but it could be worse. A lot worse. I'm not complaining at all.

It has a camera.

A camera.


I'm in heaven. What will I do with such a newfangled gadget?

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