Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A jolly good way to spend Mother's Day

Last weekend, we (along with our "camping group"....the Gaines, Brunos, Bransons, Grabers, Hartmans and Wiles) took a trip to Sam A. Baker state park. We (the camping group) have an annual spring trip (to Sam A. Baker) and an annual fall trip (to Big favorite place in Missouri!). We cooked biscuits on sticks, built dams, hiked, waded, and had an overall jolly good time.

The most unexpected event was the spotting of a man carrying kangaroo.

(Yours is pink, but mine is blue!)

Points for whoever knows what I am referencing :)

Yup. A kangaroo. She was on a leash. And the man was carrying her because, as he told us, she's spoiled and likes to be carried. Her name was Jingles. The man showed us her pouch. It was very, very unexpected.

The man said that he bought a male and a female in Maken, Missouri (I do believe that's how you spell "Maken," correct me if I'm wrong) at an "exotics sale." The daddy kangaroo and mommy kangaroo had a baby kangaroo...hence, Jingles.

She was ten months old, and about as big as my beagle.


Fun was had by all. And we have a new name to add to our list!

1. Big fat man in boxers
2. Little fat man in trunks, with the...harmonica
3. Dr. Pepper pants boy
and, the new one...
4. Red shirt boy!!

Congrats, Red shirt boy! You will live on in our memory as....well, as red shirt boy :)

I love our camping group.

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Shaylynn said...

A kangaroo? Haha, that is hilarious! (And very Veggie Tales-ish)