Thursday, May 13, 2010

My siblings and I drove The Hike III route this morning. Parts of the road were washed out as a result of the storm, and the low water bridge where we all "took off our shoes and stockings and paddled" had quite a bit of water over it and was borderline terrifying...just kidding. There was quite a bit of water, but it wasn't too bad. We picked up a turtle on the way and named him Edwin Sherman the second...Edwin Sherman the first was the turtle I found on the Hike.

As we were driving, we were saying things like, "Here's where we spelled out "THE HIKE III," "This is the stretch where we were playing 'Going to the Beach'," and "Look, there's the bottle I picked up."

Driving the route, with 25 cent slushies and air conditioning, was much more pleasant than walking the route, but not nearly as much fun!

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