Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finger cymbals, camping....and creeping.

After much labor and dedication on my part, I have mastered the complex musical instrument that is...finger cymbals. Tomorrow night I'm playing finger cymbals for Susan Holmes and three other talented ladies. They're singing "Mr. Sandman" (which, by the way, Mrs. Holmes's a capella for SSAA and really awesome! ) at the RCAS Benefit Dinner. The Rolla Community Choir (of which I am a member) is performing as well, and we're doing lots of fun stuff! Our program includes an insane arrangement of "Cindy" (like, the folk song), "Isn't It Romantic?" from some movie that I have not seen (I really don't like this song :P), an arrangement of "Simple Gifts" that is pretty nifty, favorite....a massive Irving Berlin medley entitled, "Irving Berlin, A Century of Song." It's wonderful :) I have a wee little solo that goes like this:
"What'll I do with just a photograph to tell my troubles to?"

Isn't that just the bee's knees.

It's going to be an awesome concert.

I would invite everyone to come, mentioned's a benefit dinner, which means you have to pay a lot of money to get in; you can't just come for the singing.

Sorry, Charlie.


We're going camping this weekend, and, even though we aren't going to my favorite place, I'm super excited.

Camping = junk food we don't get at home, chocolate milk, hiking, biking, clover-chain-necklace making, sweet camaraderie, endless telephone games around the campfire, Dr. Pepper pants boy, big fat man in boxers, and little fat man in trunks with that...groan.... harmonica.

The last three are inside jokes based on previous camping experiences.

Oh, that harmonica. That stupid, annoying harmonica.


The pool men came today to open our pool. Short version of the story: they left, and hopefully my mum will convince them to come back tomorrow morning to open it. Anyway...I decided that I would make it an annual game of mine to creep on the pool men as they open the pool.
So I did a wee amount of creeping this morning, and, if they come back tomorrow, I'll get out the camera and do some serious creeping.
I hope that's not illegal.
It is?
Speaking of rodents...that mole that I buried in the flower garden? He's still in the ground.
For now....

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