Thursday, February 5, 2009

Matthew's latest vocab

Here are some of Matthew's latest words:)

"Burp" - Daddy taught him that one
"Hey hey!" - my bff Courtney is responsible for this
"Ach-hoo" - it's SOOO cute when he says this!
"Guys!" - if we're ignoring him, he'll yell "guys! guys!" until we pick him up and include him in the conversation
"Tractor" - he points at tractors in a book he has:)
"Opa!" (he pronounces "A-po!") - a Greek greeting that my friend Courtney is also responsible
"Happy!" (means "happy birthday") - we tried forever to get him to say "happy birthday" but he will only say "happy". He'll say it at appropriate times, though. So cute!

He got his hair cut for the first time today. I'll have to post pictures! It's SO cute! He has so many curls in the back. Looks like I have no hope of haveing a dark headed sib; Matthew's hair is very blonde and curly:)

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