Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clarissa and I invented a new game! It's called "Stab a cereal box with a fondue stick." It's great fun! You take a fondue stick/skewer/shish kabob stick/chopstick and a cereal box (without the bag of cereal inside). Set the box up on a kitchen counter, and, making quite certain that no small children are around, stab the box. You have to be careful you don't stab anything except the box, examples being the countertop, your hand, your sister, etc. Clarissa and I had a downright jolly time playing this game, until Meredith walked in and wanted to do it too, of course, and we had to stop.

Disclaimer: I don't actually recommend playing this at home. It's rather dangerous and childish, don't you think?:) Anyway, if you feel the need to try this, do it in your backyard while the younger ones are napping. Or just don't do it at all. It does make you look quite silly.

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