Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something Missouri-ish?

Next week I'm going to Oklahoma City to be in the ACDA National Honor Choir, and they have asked that (if possible) everyone bring something from their state to swap with everyone else.
The Problem: I can't really think of anything Missouri-ish! Second problem...there are 300 people in the choir. So I need 300 Missouri-ish things in less than a week! If ANYONE has ANY ideas for a cheap...I mean, inexpensive....something I can take that represents the lovely MO, let me know by commenting on this post!
At first I thought we could take little dogwood trees for everyone, but I'm pretty sure it would be quite difficult to get 300 for free. Then I thought about Cardinal baseball keychains or something, but they're very expensive and I don't want to pick a fight with a Rockies fan. Maybe tiny MO flags? Or a cd with the Missouri waltz on it? How about a postcard with a picture of a cave? Excuse me, I ramble.
It's the choir members from Hawaii's fault. They're bring shell necklaces for everyone and suggested it would be fun if we all did the same. Maybe I could take, like, rock necklaces. Or clay necklaces. Or something else we have a lot of in Missouri.....hmmm. I'M DESPERATE!


Rebekah Grace said...

You should find some way to capture our bipolar Missouri weather in a bottle, and hand those out. I'm sure they all would greatly appreciate that. :)


"Nenette" said...

300 things! Wow. Um, bring leaves. Leaves glued on pieces of paper. And sealed so you don't kill someone who has allergies.

No clue. Will post if I have any better ideas.