Friday, July 22, 2011

humor from screwed lines, double negatives and Puritan grammar possibly getting to my head

There have been several times when people have messed up lines during Crucible rehearsal, changing the meaning entirely and making the rest of the cast laugh uproariously.

For example, the man playing Hale has a line concerning Proctor,

"From the beginning, this man has struck me true."

But TWICE now, he has accidentally said,

"From the beginning, this man has struck me too...."

This strikes everyone as unbearably funny, since in our production of The Crucible, John Proctor has a habit of getting angry with young girls (myself included) and throwing them to ground.

Once, our Tituba was supposed to say,

"Oh, yes, I love the little children.."

but it came out,

"Oh, no, I don't love the little children.."

..which was made even funnier with the comments that immediately followed, "Yeah, she doesn't love the little children. She eats the little children..."

Perhaps Tituba's mistake came from all the double negatives in the show getting to Erin's head (Erin being the actress that plays Tituba, of course..). There surely are an annoyingly large amount of double negatives in this show. Example:

"I never seen no sign you ever sent your spirit out to hurt no one."

Oh, the grammar in this show...
I think it's getting to my head.

This morning I said "I believe they are out picking blackberries, are they not?"

"Are they not?" Where did that come from????

Anyway, come see the show. It's intense. I saw Act 4 for the first time last night. I cried.

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