Sunday, April 24, 2011

plants, choir, frying pans

Last year, Jeni Steele gave me a plant (lily of the valley, my favorite).
I planted it in our flower bed, and promptly forgot about it.
But guess what happened a few weeks ago?
The lily of the valley started poking up through the mulch!
Funny how that happens...
I have now developed a habit of going out to check on my plant every day to see if it's 'blooming' yet...I'll post pictures when it does.

The big Spring choir concert is this Sunday. If you want to come, it's at St. Pat's at are $5.00. We're singin' Rutter's Mass of the Children and some other good stuff...should be a fun afternoon with great music!

I finally got to see was nice :) I felt like I could identify with the whole having-tons-of-hair-and-then-suddenly-it's-gone thing (Woah! Sorry. SPOILER ALERT, if you haven't seen it yet). So, yeah. I liked it.

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