Monday, May 2, 2011

just me and my books

I feel free.
From now until the end of the month, I basically have no responsibilities outside of my home...
meaning I only have to do schoolwork and chores and stuff. I don't have any youth group events to plan. I don't have any church dinners to organize. I only have to read books and learn stuff and go camping with my family and go Hike IV-ing.

Speaking of the Hike IV...I'm thinking about carrying my big Seussy egg along in one of those Baby Bjorn carriers. Maybe not...I can see it getting a little annoying ;)

The pool guys are coming tomorrow to check out the pool and make sure everything is okay...which means we'll be swimming within a few weeks! Hmm...that sounded really nice last Friday when it was like 90 degrees and Mom called to make the appointment. Today it is freezing, and swimming doesn't sound very appealing.

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Jane said...

So, I'm trying to follow you, but I'm having technical difficulties. Blogger says I'm not signed in when I'm on your site, but then I click "sign in" and it takes me to my homepage... so, it's just being weird.

I will follow you as soon as it starts working again, you have a lovely blog!