Thursday, January 20, 2011

text templates

My phone has a bunch of "text templates" that, supposedly, make texting faster/easier.
They are silly.

1. Call me when you get this message.
Apparently you can't just say, "Call me."

2. I'm in a meeting. I'll call you back.
I would just turn my phone of and apologize later.

3. I am here.
That's so short that it would be faster/easier NOT to use the template.

4. Where are you?

5. I love you.
If you loved someone enough that you wanted to text them and tell them so, couldn't you take twenty seconds out of your day and type it yourself?

6. When can we meet?

7. Where is the meeting?

8. Talk to you soon

9. I'm late and will be there in ___ minutes.

10. Sorry I missed your call, I am in a meeting. What's up?
I LOVE the "What's up?" at the end.

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