Wednesday, January 12, 2011

nashville trip

A weekend of weddings, snow, presidential residences, The Sound of Music, looking at the animals in Petsmart and lots more!!

The Sauce Policy posted in the McD's where we ate breakfast...??

My mother and a very cold, cranky Meredith standing in Andrew Jackson's backyard. We visited the Hermitage on January 8, which, coincidentally, is the anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans...and, in honor of the day, admission was FREE!! It was freezing, but cold weather = fewer tourists, which was nice. The Hermitage was by far my favorite presidential residence that I've visited...and, yes, I've only visited three. But it was really awesome.

The springhouse

We were driving to the McKune/Bynum wedding (congrats, Ben and Lindsey!!!) and I yelled, "Mom!! Look, it's Dave Ramsey!"
We took a picture.

Fancy coffee was served at the wedding. This was Mom's cappuccino..

....and this was my cappuccino. See the adorable little foamy heart? It was yummy.
Fun was had by all.
Except, Meredith didn't really like the Hermitage because - in an act of sheer brilliance - she didn't pack any long pants and was stuck with bare legs while we walked around Jackson's property.

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