Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sit up, lie down, roll over, play dead...

It was funny.
It was thought provoking.
It was witty.
It was engaging.
It was very, very well done.
It made me want to laugh, and it made me want to cry (from laughing too much?).

It was SNOOPY!! :)

It was fantastic.

Everything...the singing, dancing, costumes, music...was beautiful and charming. The Woodstocks stole the show with the adorable "Woodstock Theme", the Lucys were loud mouthed, the Charlie Browns were charmingly wishy washy, the Linuses (Linuses? Lin-i?) were thoroughly educated in all fields pertaining to everything and were always willing to expound, the Sallys were sweetly naive, the Peppermint Pattys were persistent in the pursuit of "Chuck", and the Snoopys were wonderfully "Snoopy-ish." Let's face can't beat red Converse.

My favorite scene? I can't decide. I like them all for different reasons. I loved Isaac Hall's adorable performance as the "crossed in love" Woodstock, I loved John Nisbett's enthusiastic attitude (AND bunny ears) as he hopped on stage as the Easter Beagle, I loved the tap-dancing girls and the unicycling boys, I love, love, loved Anna Nisbett's "Poor, Sweet Baby," I loved the "Clouds" number and the "Going to the Movies" bit and the "Wash Day" bit and "The Great Writer" bit, and I can't wait to see it again tomorrow night and the night after that (I'm working as an usher/handywoman/do-er of whatever needs to be done).

Go see the show! :)