Friday, April 30, 2010

"The new Pride and Prejudice movie broke my heart."

There's a group on facebook called, "The new Pride and Prejudice movie broke my heart." Here's the group's description:

"Okay. Keira Knightly is cool. Really. And we understand how a six-hour movie can be tedious. We even acknowledge that we enjoyed it in moderation.

But if you believe that the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie was obnoxiously Hollywood-ized, slander against Elizabeth Bennet, severely lacking in accurate costuming, a parody of every character except Lizzy and Darcy, and generally ridiculous, please acknowledge so.

Item 1: The movie paints Elizabeth Bennet as extremely willful and headstrong, rather than a mature character who rises above the "inferiority of her connections."

Item 2: Who said anything about Darcy first proposing in a rainstorm? More romantic, perhaps, but verging on the ridiculous. Back then, that would have verged on the improper. No, Darcy proposed in a parish, and while this may be less romantic, Hollywood had no need to dirty the proposal scene by over-romanticizing it.

Item 3: A pig ran through the house. A pig. The Bennets were poor, but they were not living in a sty.

Item 4: The need to compact a long story into a two-hour movie is not enough justification to cause every character to talk at speeds that verge on breaking the speed of sound.

Item 5: No one, not even Matthew McFayden, can ever replace Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Enough said. "

I think it's funny.

Note: The fact that "no one...can ever replace Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy" (as mentioned in item 5) doesn't mean that I think Mr. Joel Nisbett didn't do an excellent job portraying Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. He did a marvelous, fantastic job! Colin Firth had a really unfair advantage over Joel and Matthew McFayden. Joel and Matthew McFayden were pretending to be Mr. Darcy. Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy....



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Chava Hall said...

Wow. The only one I disagree with you on is the Colin Firth = Mr. Darcy. Though Colin Firth is an excellent Mr. Darcy, and my favorite, I wouldn't claim that he is the only possible actor that could do or be Mr. Darcy (I think Joel did an amazing job). Maybe I've seen one too many comedies with Colin Firth in them. (I'm still seeing a picture of Colin Firth wiping gravy off his face from Nanny Mcfee). However, the other points are indeed correct, though much mroe could be said.