Monday, April 26, 2010

Anvil Chorus

I've been enjoying having a car for many reasons, one of them being that I can listen to whatever music I want to, because I'm the driver and you're just a passenger, so deal with it! :) Recently, I've been listening to opera, and this one piece in particular has become a favorite.

It's the Anvil Chorus from Verdi's "Il Trovatore", and I think I like it so much because it reminds me of Pirates of just sounds like something Fine Linen would do, if Fine Linen was into operas and if "Il Trovatore" appropriate. I haven't read the synopsis yet.

Okay, I skimmed over the synopsis. I didn't really "get" all of it, but a bunch of people are burned to death. Hmm.

Here's the Anvil Chorus, conducted by this guy with really fantastic hair, Giuseppe Sinopoli:

I like it.

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