Thursday, March 11, 2010

various pictures with no order or reason....

It is a truth universally acknowledged that pictures make a blog more interesting.

That's not necessarily true, but it makes for a good opening line.

I'm posting pictures of general interest. I hope you are generally interested in them.

Our dear cats, Mr. Jefferson and Stormy. I long for summer, and I think they do, too.

I long for these guys, too....:) Football and basketball are alright, but I miss baseball.

This is one of the sample pictures on mother's computer. The clouds are very blue.

Guess who this is! I'll tell's grown-up Jim Hawkins from Muppets Treasure Island!

The puppies are growing up:) They will be a month and a week tomorrow.
I'm sorry that there was no order or reason to the pictures. I haven't been feeling very organized or ordered recently :) I went bike riding yesterday.
I like not having to wear shoes outside :)

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