Friday, March 19, 2010

Isn't it interesting how different smells can trigger different memories?

The smell of this hair product stuff I have reminds me of Deer Valley: that baseball game, the horses, the square dance, the old piano, my room in St. Elmo, the mountains.

The smell of Irish spring soap reminds me of Little Prairie Bible Camp: the showerhouse, the sweat, the sunshine, the friendships, working in the kitchen.

The smell of hot rollers reminds me of Pirates: the giggling, the parasols, the beautiful voices, the camaraderie.

The smell of dirt reminds me of riding in Daddy's old pickup truck with the window down.

The smell of hairspray reminds me of dressing room chatter.

The smell of chlorine reminds me of lazy afternoons and the sun on my eyelids.

The second performance of Pride and Prejudice is tonight. I need to get my stuff together and make dinner. I think I'll listen to Pandora.

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