Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Thanksgiving Weekend

Pieces of pumpkin pie: 2
Servings of mashed potatoes: 3
Movies watched: 5
Number of times I cried during movies: 5
Number of walks taken: 1
Naps: 0
Football games watched: 0
Hugs given: 1,935,200
Newborn babies held: 1...more on this later :)
Sleepovers with friends: 1
Sleepovers with cousins: 1
Number of times I heard our relatives bash the Cardinals: quite a few
Number of times we bashed the Cubs: quite a few:)
Projects knitted: 1
Black Friday purchases: 4
Look at this little man! Issac James was born around 4:30 on Thanksgiving Day. He is so precious. Congratulations to Mommy Emily, Grandma and Grandpa Baxter, and Aunts Amanda, Jessica and Courtney.

Speaking of Aunt Courtney, she's a senior this year! She had her senior pictures made when we went to Harding homecoming, and Megan and I snuck into a few of them:)

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Shaylynn said...

Cool pictures. :)

I tagged you on my blog!