Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Pool Men cometh!

The pool guys came and opened the pool this morning. Actually, they're in the process of opening the pool...They took the cover off and poured a bunch of chemicals and acids and all that jazz into the nasty green water, and then they opened some sort of drain, and then they turned on the hose and stuck that in the water...That run-on sentence sounds like I'm describing a surgery or something.
It's like they poured magic fairy dust into the water; the pool is clearing up! I think the draining of the something-or-other and the unclogging of the drain-or-something-like-that probably helps a little bit. I like to believe it's the magic fairy dust.
The removing of the cover was very exciting because we had no idea what the actual pool looked like. It has blue decorative tile around the edge, but it's only 6 feet deep. So NO DIVING (sad face), unless you're short (like me!!!) and you're careful... Good thing everyone in our family (minus a few cousins and uncles) are practically hobbits (minus the hairy feet).
Pictures of the EPIC POOL CLEANING PROCESS to follow...

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