Saturday, May 30, 2009


Background: When OAT announced auditions for the summer season this year, they didn't want anyone under 16. I was bummed, not because I wanted to be in a specific show (because all the shows have questionable/really questionable/semi-"bad"/what I would consider "bad" content), but because I would miss the people. forward to now... the Christmas show this year is "Scrooge". It's basically A Christmas Carol, and it's a musical (yay! Singing! Dancing!). My mother put Scrooge at the top of our Netflix list, and low and behold, Scrooge showed up in our mailbox!

Gotta love those Netflix guys.

I am very excited about this show. It's fun and high energy and there's a bunch of townspeople, which means a lot of friends to work with! Yay for people! I love people:)

Anyway, I'm happy that even if I was disappointed with the summer shows, I'm looking forward to Scrooge...Bah humbug.

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