Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dance Pictures

Hooray ;)
My tap class...the song we're dancing to is "Free to be me" which you might have heard because they play it on Spirit FM all the time.

Awwwww...my sister:)

Me and Becca...Notice I'm NOT wearing the sparkly blue dress!! Haha!! I shall NEVER post a picture of me in that sparkly blue thing!!!
I do have a picture of me in it. I just decided not to post it...hee hee:)


ashley said...

Pretty pictures! You have such a bright, beautiful smile. :D

"Nenette" said...

Emily is in your dance class? I didn't know that...

children of the farm said...

Woah!! Jasmine looks a TON like Gabrielle in that picture!! And you and Becca looke soo cute:) I think you should post you in the blue dress--


Abby said...

Aww...I want to see you in the blue dress. Mainly because I'm sure you look gorgeous in it, and because I've heard so much about it!=)


Mom2Five said...

Mom will post a picture of Jenna in the blue dress! Hee Hee hee!